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August 22, 2018

Now musicians: take 2 in a bar, 3 in a bar, 4 in a bar, 5 in a bar, they all manage to leg it back to the concert hall in time for their entry.  Except the French horn player.  The conductor glares at the composer and says "I see he's taken you literally".

'What do...

Welcome to my Blogatelle in D.  Based of course on Bagatelles.  Beethoven is a composer who had a lot of time for bagatelles, taking them for long walks in the countryside around Vienna, before getting a couple of Schnauzers instead.  But he didn’t compose anything for...

This is my Blogatelle in C major.  So there are no accidentals in the following passage. If my prose sounds flat it is deliberate.  I am still getting complaints about my Blogatelle in E flat Minor from last week; my readers felt I was being flatly contradictory, quite...

June 12, 2017

I was up till 11.30pm last night.  Had a late gigue in Leipzig.  One of my scores is missing. I suspect Johann Christian or Carl Philip?  If they’ve been wiping their bottoms again with my two part inventions I will give them a jolly good hiding.  

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