Blogatelle in D

Welcome to my Blogatelle in D. Based of course on Bagatelles. Beethoven is a composer who had a lot of time for bagatelles, taking them for long walks in the countryside around Vienna, before getting a couple of Schnauzers instead. But he didn’t compose anything for them. You will look in vain for a Schnauzer in E Flat, but there are literally litters of bagatelles. Now musical terms are perfectly logical. Just as the term ‘Sonata’ for example derives from the Italian word ‘sounded’, so the term ‘bagatelle’ has absolutely nothing to do with bags; although Beethoven probably had them under his eyes by the time he’d finished writing thirty of them. Beethoven did finish composing all

Blogatelle in C Major

This is my Blogatelle in C major. So there are no accidentals in the following passage. If my prose sounds flat it is deliberate. I am still getting complaints about my Blogatelle in E flat Minor from last week; my readers felt I was being flatly contradictory, quite obtuse, even rather risque at times. I admit I struck a wrong note in several paragraphs, for which I apologise. I think I will leave E Flat Minor to more practised Blogatellers like Barenboim. All writers about music have their limitations; mine is the end of a sentence. Many writers also worry about where they draw the line. For composers that problem doesn’t arise: we’re given five lines and told to make the best of it.

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