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Johann Sebastian Blog

I was up till 11.30pm last night. Had a late gigue in Leipzig. One of my scores is missing. I suspect Johann Christian or Carl Philip? If they’ve been wiping their bottoms again with my two part inventions I will give them a jolly good hiding. (Another good number two part invention would be baby wipes. Someone will come up with it one day) The school room is deafening. I have a mass of work: a Mass in C, a Mass in D and my B Minor, which is a pain in the proverbials. I can’t get enough time to work on it. I can’t get a handle on it… Hah! and I can’t get a Handel on it!! Yes, maybe he would do a better job?! I can’t believe I walked all that way to hear him, all those years ago. But it was definitely worth it. Like an Exeter supporter going up to Carlisle United. Such dedication. It’s 5am and already light. You definitely get more hours of sun in Heaven. That chap Donald MacLeod was telling my story on his radio programme. Why do they play my music at such a furious tempo?

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