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  • Sir Stephen Poultry, Professor of Music.

Blogatelle in C Major

This is my Blogatelle in C major. So there are no accidentals in the following passage. If my prose sounds flat it is deliberate. I am still getting complaints about my Blogatelle in E flat Minor from last week; my readers felt I was being flatly contradictory, quite obtuse, even rather risque at times. I admit I struck a wrong note in several paragraphs, for which I apologise. I think I will leave E Flat Minor to more practised Blogatellers like Barenboim.

All writers about music have their limitations; mine is the end of a sentence. Many writers also worry about where they draw the line. For composers that problem doesn’t arise: we’re given five lines and told to make the best of it. Elgar’s wife drew the lines for him. There are leger lines of course for those who write avant-garde music.

So five lines and four spaces should be plenty to get your ideas across. Even Sainsbury’s car park doesn’t always give you four spaces. I hope you will tune into my next Blogatelle, which will feature C Major, D major, A Flat Major and Sir John Major.

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